Monday, January 18, 2016


This is a much larger version of an earlier painting I called: Seriously? I didn't get the same sarcastic feeling from this one, so I named it Beauty. I feel like I'm evolving into a true Texan as I continue to be enamored by cattle. This beauty was hoping I was bringing food, and instead, I was setting up an easel to paint. Oh, well, maybe next time... Painting #17 for the new year, done!


  1. Hi Lori - I was with you during this paint out! Your painting is precious. The cows were so adorably curious of why we were in their pasture if not to feed them - what wonderful expressions they had. Though I do remember feeling a bit more intimidated the closer they came - close enough to nose about our easels!
    : )
    I believe you've inspired me to paint from those photos.
    Hope to see you at a paint out soon, Lori!

    1. Thanks, Marilyn! I remember us having such a hard time settling down to paint because we were laughing so hard! I hope to see you at a paint out, soon, too.